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Claims Handling & 5 Day Service Guarantee


5-Day Service Guarantee
SquareTrade will reimburse the item price or fix your item and ship it back within 5 business days of receiving it at the depot or your warranty is free. Since in-home repair is dependent on the customer's schedule, in-home repair times are not guaranteed within five days.

If we don't meet our service guarantee we will gladly refund the full cost of the Protection Plan.

Claims Handling
SquareTrade's claim process is painless. You can start a claim 24/7 online or call us at 1-877-WARRNATY (927-7268) and select the claim filing option. Claim agents are available by phone 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday, and 8AM to 5PM, Pacific Time, on the weekends. Rest assured that it will go fast with our unique 5-day service guarantee.

Depot Service
For most items, you will download a free pre-paid shipping label to send the item into our service depot. For some fragile items, such as laptops, we may express a special box free of charge to you ensuring that the item avoids further damage during transportation.

Free In-Home Service
For appliances, desktop computers, and TVs bigger than 37", we will arrange for a reputable local repair technician to examine and repair your item.

Once We've Received Your Item
: If your item is repairable, our experts will fix your item and we'll express ship the item back to you right away (shipping is always free!).
Reimbursement: For many items below $500, if it's going to take too long, or will be too expensive to fix; we'll reimburse you the full replacement value of the item. We give you the option to receive payment via PayPal or check, and in some cases, an Amazon Gift Code. You will receive email updates to keep you informed at every step of the claims process or check the status at any point in time on our website.

For Item Still Covered by a Manufacturer's Warranty at the Time of Claim
First we will help you file a claim with your manufacturer by providing their contact information if possible.

If the manufacturer replaces or repairs your item, your SquareTrade Protection Plan will cover your manufacturer replaced or repaired item.

If the manufacturer refuses to honor their warranty because they consider your item grey market or not purchased from an authorized retailer, we may still be able to cover you.